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CA Fwd Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot

When California Forward unveiled the preliminary draft of its initiative last year, it contained a number of major concerns for special districts. CSDA worked closely with the organization throughout the remainder of its initiative development process and many of CSDA's biggest concerns were addressed. However, the initiative still contains several provisions that would impact special districts, including:

  • Requiring new budgeting practices for special districts and other local governments that include performance-based elements related to specified statewide objectives
  • Encouraging collaboration and integration of services and revenues through voluntary "Community Strategic Action Plans"
  • Providing financial incentives to agencies that elect to participate in an action plan

Furthermore, the GPAA would shift California from a one year to a two year state budget cycle, limit state legislator's ability to increase spending unless there are additional revenues or cuts equal to the increase, and give the governor new authority to cut spending in a fiscal emergency. The initiative also aims to promote governmental oversight by mandating performance reviews of all state programs and requiring that all bills must be in print for at least three days before they can be voted on in the legislature.

The full language of the California Forward ballot initiative and more can be viewed at CSDA's Grassroots Action Center.





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