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CSDA Supported Bills Passed to the Governor’s Desk


Outcomes of legislation CSDA supported:

Assembly Bill 1508 (Carter) Junk Payment Restriction Exemptions
Eliminates exemptions from payment restrictions for recycled metal, unless the transaction is under $20, it does not include copper metals and a majority of it is for beverage containers.
Outcome: Passed Legislature; awaiting signature/veto of Governor

Assembly Bill 1626 (Yamada) Election Materials: Public Examination - Writ of Mandate
Allows County Elections Officials, for a special district election, to seek a writ of mandate or injunction to amend and delete errors or omissions in pre-election materials, as currently afforded for county and city elections.
Status: Signed by Governor; Takes effect January 1, 2013

Senate Bill 192 (Senate Governance and Finance Committee) Validations
Every year these important measures allow special districts and other local agencies to more efficiently serve their local community. The passage of this validating act allows districts to spend more time and money on providing core pubic services instead of seeking individual validation through the courts.
Outcome: Passed Legislature; awaiting signature/veto of Governor

Senate Bill 1045 (Emmerson) Civil Liability for Metal Theft Damages
Prohibits any junk dealer from possessing a fire hydrant, manhole lid, or backflow device, as well as any objects related to these devices, without a letter on letterhead from the agency that the object last belonged to stating that the sale is authorized. Also places civil liability on junk dealers for actual damages as well as for exemplary damages up to 3 times the agency's or utility's actual damages.
Outcome: Passed Legislature; awaiting signature/veto of Governor





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