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Special Districts Join State Leaders at CA Economic Summit

ca economic summit 2013 photo

Last week, CSDA joined statewide leaders at the CA Economic Summit to help establish a roadmap to address California's biggest challenges, including infrastructure, regulations, workforce development and land-use. Attendees heard from state and local elected leaders, as well as economists and other experts on the major issues facing California and worked collaboratively to help draft a roadmap for change. Special districts had a strong voice at the summit, with CSDA and CSDA members serving on three "Summit Action Teams" in advance of the event. A collaborative effort by California Forward and the California Stewardship Network, the goal of the Summit was to develop major statewide policy initiatives to advance the state's triple bottom line of a prosperous economy, a sustainable environment and thriving communities for all Californians.

Recognizing the key perspective that special districts offer on statewide policies impacting core local services, CSDA actively engaged in the Summit process in order to provide districts with a seat at the table and facilitate collaboration with diverse stakeholders. CSDA additionally connected nine CSDA members to participate on the "Summit Action Teams". The Summit built on the work of the seven different action teams, charged with developing a plan for each specific policy initiative in order to promote economic, social and environmental progress in California.

At the Summit, attendees engaged in the process by breaking out into workgroups to focus on one policy initiative and provide feedback on its draft action plan. Using the plans, the workgroups brainstormed an implementation strategy for the action plan and Summit participants made over 500 specific commitments to help advance each roadmap.  "Initiative Teams" will follow up on these commitments and help pursue implementation of each initiative throughout next year.






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